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Make Yourself a Home.

A minimalist ADU studio that maximizes space.


The Modal 00 is a single-room floor plan designed to be as flexible as your life is unpredictable, easily adapting to change and from one use to the next. Features a kitchenette and bath. All-in pricing starts at $240,000 and includes everything from permits to installation.


The one-bedroom ADU that does it all.


The Modal 01 sets a new standard for small living. We’ve maximized its flexibility with a spacious bedroom, full bathroom, laundry space and complete kitchen, all built to last. All-in pricing starts at $260,000 and includes everything from permits to installation.


Our biggest and most dynamic dwelling yet.


The Modal 02 is big enough to accommodate any use, layout or living arrangement. This two-bedroom floor plan includes every feature of the one-bedroom unit and more. The Modal 02 is truly made to meet your vision. All-in pricing starts at $280,000 and includes everything from permits to installation.


Core Products Comparison

included Standard Equipped    upgrade_1 Upgrade Option    not-included Option Unavailable








Modal 00

Modal 01

Modal 02

Square footage 351 Sq Ft 432 Sq Ft 567 Sq Ft
4 burner stove and oven upgrade_1 Included-Light Included-Light
Dishwasher upgrade_1 Included-Light Included-Light
Washer & dryer upgrade_1 Included-Light Included-Light
Soft-close cabinetry Included-Light Included-Light Included-Light
Full size bathroom Included-Light Included-Light Included-Light
Exterior patio lighting Included-Light Included-Light Included-Light
Efficient LED lighting Included-Light Included-Light Included-Light
Central heating/cooling Included-Light Included-Light Included-Light
Deck upgrade_1 upgrade_1 upgrade_1
Second entrance not-included upgrade_1 upgrade_1


Built to your exact specifications.


Our team of experienced professionals works closely with you throughout the entire process, from initial concept to final installation. We believe in collaboration and actively involve you in the design phase, ensuring that your vision and requirements are incorporated into the project. With our expertise and your input, we create custom-built ADU or chassis units that reflect your unique brand and preferences.


Meet your backyard escape.

Modal POD

A full-sized accessory dwelling unit may not be the right fit for some people, but everyone could benefit from a little extra space. That’s why we designed the Modal Pod to be our smallest, most affordable floor plan when compared to our ADUs. All-in pricing starts at $59,000 and includes permits, site work, internet, craning, installation, post-install touchup, site cleanup, plus much more — we won’t surprise you with hidden costs.