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Property investment is quickly becoming one of the smartest and most rewarding ways to earn. Millions of Americans each year are creating valuable and successful income properties without breaking the bank. Although it’s nothing new, there are a lot of reasons property and real estate investment are a hugely popular and viable means of extra income:

  • Low risk, big reward
  • Property value increases year over year
  • Minimal amount of maintenance
  • Endless options for earning

The potential for growth and earning is massive, but to some people that kind of undertaking can be daunting and overwhelming, preventing them from exploring its possibilities. Real estate projects can be time-consuming, costly, and require extensive industry knowledge.


This is where Modal comes in.

Modal’s prefab, modular homes are designed to live in your backyard and generate additional income. It’s the perfect solution for anyone ready to invest without the headache.

Here’s why...

Start Simply and Quickly

While typical real estate projects involve a lot of time, money, and learning, Modal handles all aspects in order to get your property investment up and running. Once you’re qualified, you tell us what, where, and how; we take it from there. Modal obtains all required permits from your city, does the site planning and building, and finally, transports and installs your Modal. Enjoying the benefits of a modern property investment is that simple.

Make it Your Own

While Modal handles the backend elements of building and prepping a living space, how to design it is totally in your hands. You can rent it out to tenants, sell it, run an AirBnb, use it as a workspace, fitness center, art studio; or create your own, totally unique space. The interior and exterior of your Modal including flooring, cabinetry, and more are completely up to you. Choose from the long list of options and customize your Modal exactly the way you envision it.

The Home of the Tomorrow

Prefab and modular homes are spaces that are built in a facility to minimize waste, save time and arrive on-site fully complete, ready to install. As more homes move away from the long and often costly process of traditional building to the modern approach of pre-designing and pre-building, Modal does so with a different, better process. Choosing a Modal over a conventional build reduces waste by up to 90% and is completed in nearly half the time.

Designed For Everyone

Modal is designed with everyone in mind. Whether you’re new to the world of investing or a longtime developer, Modal is meant to meet all of your needs. For landlords, adding a Modal to your property increases your ability to house tenants and create buzz around your home. As a realtor, a property with a Modal will increase your commission on the home you’re already selling or give you access to previous clients. And if you’re a homeowner, a Modal will not only increase your property’s value, but allow you to get creative with how you use it: a cozy space for family or friends to utilize, a vacation spot, a studio for rent... it’s up to you.


If you’re considering real estate investment, Modal is the most accessible, straightforward, and cost-effective solution out there. It’s the next big (little) thing.

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Modal Team
Post by Modal Team
July 31, 2020