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Excerpts from the article:

A drive for efficiency combined with the tiny home movement and minimal living brings the Modal units to life. But these are anything but your typical tiny house. Modal’s main goals are quality, efficiency and reduced waste. Because of their assembly line / prefab nature, the units produce significantly less waste, whether it be a waste of time, money or materials.

The founders of Modal came together to reimagine how we live. We’ve partnered together in real estate development to see how inefficiently used space is, says Colin Jube, Modal’s co-founder and CEO. Your traditional 5,000 square foot home, really doesn’t make sense anymore.


Dallin Jolley, the mind behind Modal’s product design and construction, designed the units with elements inspired by both Scandinavian and Japanese design, for a sleek, high-style and high-efficiency interior. And with high-quality materials, Modal delivers. Traditionally, people think pre-fabricated equals low quality, that it will be cheap. That is not what we are about at all. What we are doing is engineered and built to the highest standard (the same standard as site-built homes), but built efficiently and with as minimal waste as possible.

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Modal Team
Post by Modal Team
February 11, 2020