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A backyard guest home might sound like a luxury, but these days this home addition is more accessible and useful than ever. After spending time apart from loved ones, a guest home makes it easy to spend time together, comfortably. 

With a guest home, you and your family can enjoy more time together with the privacy that everyone needs to feel at ease. Adding a backyard guest house to your property provides this and more, including an increase in property value and the ability to host or provide support to loved ones in any stage of life.      

How a Guest Home Benefits the Whole Family

Closeness - It’s easier and more enjoyable to spend time together as a family when everyone can be in close proximity, while maintaining some privacy. A guest home offers a secluded space on your property where family can feel at ease and comfortable. This makes spending longer periods of time, or having more frequent visits together, much more possible. 

Tradition - Regardless of what is going on in the world, the extra space provided by a backyard guest home makes it easy to ensure the family upholds traditions and spends time together. Holidays, big life events, and even life’s hard moments can be spent together when there is enough room, which is exactly what your new guest home will create. 

Support - Life throws curveballs sometimes. Having extra space in a guest home on your property can be a support to the whole family when the unexpected arises. Whether a child or elderly parent needs to move home for a while, or the family just needs to be in close proximity to offer support at some point, there will always be space and an open door. 

Investment - A backyard guest house is good for you and your family’s finances as well. Not only does it immediately add value to the property as a whole, it also has the potential to provide additional income should the need arise. Guest homes can easily be rented out nightly, monthly, or long-term. This option offers additional financial security that can offer you peace of mind.

Tips for Adding a Guest House to Your Property

Know the Local Rules and Regulations - Local zoning laws are different in each city. Before adding a guest home to your property be sure to look into them. Look for things like specific guidelines on the required distance between the guest house and main home, ADU square footage minimum and maximum, parking spaces, long and short-term rental laws, and permits. Also, keep in mind that your neighborhood or HOA might have their own guidelines as well. 

Save Time and Keep it Simple - There are different building options available when adding a guest home. By far one of the easiest options is a modular ADU from Modal. We take care of financing and help you to understand all of the laws and permits beforehand. Best of all, we’ll help you complete any necessary site work in a matter of weeks and then deliver and install your gorgeous Modal ADU in one day. All Modals are constructed offsite, making this addition to your property happen quickly and painlessly. 

However you decide to make this addition, the benefits far outweigh any upfront costs. Adding a guest home to your property will have a positive impact on your property value, your finances, and most importantly the closeness, support, and joy it will bring to you and your family.

Modal Team
Post by Modal Team
August 16, 2021