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  • We offer three Modal units, the 00 (338 sq ft), the 01 (432 sq ft), and the 02 (567 sq ft).
  • Modal is designed to be as versatile as you. Here are some things you can use your Modal for: Renters, Mother-in-law suite, AirBnB, Workspace, Art studio, Vacation getaway, Yoga/exercise space, Man-cave, and She-shed
  • Yes, we offer many options and upgrades you can choose from. Click through the “See if your property qualifies” prompts to build your Modal digitally.
  • Modals come fully furnished with new appliances (fridge, oven, dishwasher, washer and dryer), a full-size bathroom, and complete cabinetry.

Who we are.

Our minimal spaces combine thoughtful design with quality materials–learn more about what makes Modal different.

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