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4 Reasons To Make Modal Your Home Office

In the last three months, the entire world has had a stark realization: a job that allows you to work from home is a necessity. With current global circumstances, millions have made the move to remote working, placing them in new territory. However, shifting from making the office your home to making your home an office has proved to be challenging in more ways than one.

Cluttered houses, noisy homelife, and countless distractions make working from home a daily juggling act. Not only can it leave you feeling drained and scatterbrained, but it can affect your work performance and professional relationships.


At Modal, we create modern spaces designed to be exactly what you need — wherever you want to place them. Versatile and flexible, our units can accommodate your unique job needs. 3-monitor setups, ultimate sound systems, or space to move around in, we’ve got you covered. As the job market continues to shift toward remote working, here are four ways Modal will solve your home office problem:

1. Focus and Privacy

Peace and quiet is essential to a functional workspace. Aside from crossing your fingers and adamantly pleading, there isn’t much you can do to avoid a noisy interruption from your significant other, family, or roommates in the middle of an important work call. Modal allows you to build an independent unit on your own property (or anywhere that Modals qualify), free from distractions and noise. Creating a separate home office could mean the difference between thriving and surviving in your work life.

2. A Customized Work Environment

The space you work in everyday can determine your efficiency, your success, and even your mental well-being. Modal’s units are completely customizable from the materials and color used on flooring, cabinetry, and furnishing, to its size and overall layout. One size doesn’t always fit all. Whatever your job is, Modal is designed to meet your vision.

3. Space to Spare

With Modal, you don’t need to sacrifice your existing home space for work. Create a dedicated workplace with Modal and let that bonus room become the guest bedroom, the perfect workout center, or the storage space you’ve always wanted. Prioritize your efficiency with a clutter-free, customized office from Modal.

4. The Shortest Commute

The hours you used to spend driving to and from work each week literally turn into seconds as you work effectively from your backyard or a space nearby. Each Modal unit comes furnished with a full bathroom, kitchen, and living area, meaning you have every modern office resource available to you.

Maximize your working hours and work better from home with a modern, clutter-free, customized home office from Modal. Visit to see if you qualify today.